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Date: Saturday September 1, 2007 (11am-7:30pm)
Venue: RMIT University, Building 94, 23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton

What is transported? 

Transported (Saturday September 1, 2007), will be a forum and workshop that will discuss the issue of collective modes of transportation in relation to climate change and responsible urban development.

The purpose of this forum is to bring together academics and community perspectives for a dialogue that reveals the magnitude and ramifications that transport has in our environment and every day life.


  • To create a position paper for Architects for Peace on the role of transport in the sustainable development of Melbourne.
  • To engage the professions of the built environment and secondary school students from inner and outer suburban Melbourne in a discussion around key themes presented in a conference format to inform a position paper for Architects for Peace
  • To present a position paper to the City of Melbouren Future Melbourne consultation process and to the State Government of Victoria.


  • Transport and the democratic and sustainable city
  • Set the framework
  • Transport and participation in the city – who is there and who is not.
  • Alternate models of integrated collective transport systems – road, rail, cycle and pedestrian
  • The economic questions around the provision of a sustainable collective transport system. The alternate view on individual transport
  • Access and mobility to and in the city as a manifestation of democracy 

This forum involves the participation of academics, transport lobbyists, politicians, and socio-physical exclusion experts

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If you would like to be involved in this exciting forum, please contact us here and become part of our Transported multidisciplinary team.

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